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Since March 2022, we have been offering specialized workshops tailored to our clients’ unique interests and subject matter. Primarily catering to university and higher-level students, our sessions aim to mold proactive learners and the next generation of African leaders. Participants are given a distinctive¬†platform to showcase their ideas, harness their skills, and enhance their knowledge through hands-on experiments, real-life project implementations, and dynamic group discussions. Under the mentorship of seasoned professionals, students gain profound insights, arming them with the tools and understanding needed to navigate their ideal career paths and embrace unparalleled entrepreneurship opportunities. Our workshops have proudly taken place on university campuses and esteemed institutions of learning.


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Our workshops at BIXO Academy have been running since March 2022 and are specifically designed for university and secondary level students. These workshops aim to transform students into proactive learners and future African leaders.

Our workshops are open to university and secondary level students. Whether you're pursuing higher education or are in the secondary phase of your academic journey, our workshops are tailored to provide valuable learning experiences that prepare you for your career path and entrepreneurial endeavors.

BIXO Academy workshops offer students the chance to work closely with qualified professionals who provide expert guidance throughout the learning process. By engaging in hands-on activities, live experiments, and real-world projects, participants gain a deeper understanding of their chosen fields.