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The future beckons a world of limitless possibilities; collaboration is the key to unlocking these potentials. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of digital education, we actively seek the insights, creativity, and passion our partners bring. In tandem, we provide the tools, resources, and platforms that empower our partners to amplify their impact.

When we say every partnership is a two-way street, we emphasize a symbiotic relationship wherein both parties contribute and, in return, reap bountiful rewards.

At BIXO Academy, we aim to shape a brighter, more interconnected, and collaborative future. By joining hands with us, you're not only forming a strategic alliance but also championing a vision of progress, education, and shared success. Let's not just be witnesses to change; together, let's be the architects of it.

Forms of partnerships

We provide diverse partnership options to ensure everyone can find their place in our story of impact.

Explore our list below

Media Partnership

Increase your brand's visibility by reaching our diverse community of learners, professionals, and educators while co-creating tailored content and networking with industry leaders and enthusiastic digital marketing specialists.

Speak at our Event

Share your expertise with a larger audience, network with other professionals, and receive valuable feedback to enhance your future presentations.

Facilitate our Training

Boost your brand's reputation as a top industry figure. Be the one people refer to on key subject matter in your field. Facilitate a workshop or teach a digital course with us. You do not have to worry about an LMS or bringing students together; we've got you covered. Find out more

Donate to Train an African Kid

In today's economy, a good education is more important than ever. It's the key to getting a good job and a good life." - Bill Gates. Empower young lives by donating to support digital education and champion equality. We must take action and make a difference. Every contribution counts towards creating a better future for our youth. Join us in this vital mission and help us make a lasting impact.


Michelle Obama strongly advocates for volunteering to create a positive impact on the world while allowing oneself to meet new people and acquire new skills. Our projects rely heavily on the generosity of volunteers who donate their time to help us achieve our goals. Volunteer today and be a part of the story we are writing.

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Join us in this vital mission and help us make a lasting impact.