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BIXO Club is a continuous learning student community for immersive training and career development in Tech powered by BIXO Academy. We believe that continuous learning and personal development are essential for success in today’s rapidly changing world. Our members have access to valuable career development opportunities through structured training, hands-on experience, high-value partnerships and internships.

We exist in student communities across university campuses in Cameroon and we currently over a hundred  members.


BIXO Club is a student community dedicated to continuous learning and career development in the field of Tech, powered by BIXO Academy. It serves as an immersive platform for students seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. BIXO Academy provides the resources, guidance, and expertise needed to fuel the growth of BIXO Club members.

BIXO Club members enjoy a range of benefits aimed at fostering their personal and professional growth. These benefits include access to structured training, hands-on experiences, valuable career development opportunities, high-value partnerships, and internships. We believe that these elements are crucial for helping members excel in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving technological landscape.

Joining BIXO Club is a fantastic opportunity for students seeking to engage with like-minded peers and immerse themselves in the world of tech. To become a member, students can connect with us through their university campuses in Cameroon. With over a hundred members currently, BIXO Club provides a vibrant community where students can share experiences, learn together, and pave the way for their successful futures.